Downstream from Yangdi to Xingping, the Li River passes an endless procession of distinct peaks and bamboo groves and the stunning landscape. This part is the highlight of the cruise. Pinnacled peaks pop up and surprise visitors at each bend of the river. Water buffaloes patrol on the fields; ducks paddle in the waters; peasants reap paddies in front of village houses; fishermen use the cormorants to catch the fish and return them to the boat and kids go home singing songs. All these create an idyllic and beautiful scene of the life removed from concrete cities.

Tour A
Boat from Yangdi Pier to Nine Horses Hill
Price: 200CNY per person
Pick up time:10:00 from the Hostel Included: bus from the hostel to Yangdi Pier; 40min to 1 hour boat to Nine Horses Hill; golf car to Xingping after the boat; bus to Yangshuo and English Speaking Tour GuideTour B
Boat from Yangdi Pier to Xingping
Price: 300CNY per person
Pick up time: 10:00
Included: bus from the hostel to Yangdi Pier; 1 hour to 1.5 hour boat to Xingping; bus toYangshuo and English Speaking Tour Guide